Serviced Apartments in Sriracha

Serviced apartment rental property sriracha 

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced Apartment in Thailand is just like a hotel, providing amenities such as room service, house keeping, and usually have a fitness center, a laundry room, a restaurant, and a recreational facility. The room has internet wifi & Cable TV ready. Serviced Apartments usually provide daily rate for short term stay just like a hotel, and for the monthly rate for longer term to stay.

Contract between Serviced Apartment
1. Personal Contract:
Personal contract can be made between Serviced apartment just like any other property contract.
2. Company Contract:
Company contract between Serviced apartment is very straight-forward. Unlike condominiums, (condominium owners are usually personal indivisual and have some restrictions on company contract) Serviced apartment is an established company so there is no restriction providing a company to company contract.


The rental rate on serviced apartment is exactly the same even if agency is involved. As our policy, We do not add any extra fee on top of the rate which serviced apartment originally provides. This is guaranteed for both personal & company rate.
Examples of Facilities

サービスアパート シラチャ 不動産

rental sriracha serviced paartment

Most of the serviced apartments in Sriracha have a restaurant in the facilitiy providing breakfast buffet and international cuisine.

sriracha serviced apartment rental property lounge

Many of them have a lounge where you can relax and have a cup of coffee or snacks (usually free)

Recreational Facility

property rental serviced apartment facilities

Usually there are swimming pool & fitness. Some places even have Onsen facility, Mini-Golf, and Mini-theater (home theater) room.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

■Security  :  CCTV, 24hour security staff

■Facilities  :  Restaurants,fitness,swimming pool, recreational facilities

■Services  :  Bed-making,cleaning,wifi..etc Hotel like Services

■Front Lobby:  Multiple staff stanby to serve customers.

■Maintenance : Permanent Maintenance team standing by exclusively for customers.

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