Sriracha town and property information

Sriracha Property

Sriracha town and property information

The real estate market in Sriracha has been booming over the last few years. Some argue that it’s due to the low-cost of living and high quality of life, while others say that the city is just the perfect place for people looking to take their first steps on the property ladder. The truth is, Sriracha has a lot going for it.

Where is Sriracha?

Sriracha is a small coastal city which sits on the Gulf of Thailand in South China Sea. As one of Thailand’s major port cities, it is a vital seaport for exporting and impoorting goods accross the world. It was founded as a port to trade with Vietnam, but the city has since grown into an important international hub for shipping.

Its booming economy has seen the creation of businesses focused on food, shipping, and oil. Since the boom in the economy, the local government has prioritized the construction of up-and-coming amenities. Due to its unique location, Sriracha is well connected to the rest of the region.

The famous “Sriracha Sauce” is originated from here in Sriracha

What the world knows as Sriracha is actually a dish that originated in Vietnam. It is a mixture of garlic and chili peppers, cooked in coconut milk and sugar. Its popularity has grown significantly over the last few decades and now Sriracha is a staple of the Los Angeles food scene. It’s so much a part of everyday life that it has its own food truck, Sriracha Festival and even a Sriracha beer. Thai Sriracha Sauce There are countless variations of Sriracha around the world, and the most common variation comes from Thailand. Thailand is the creator of the Thai Sriracha. Thai Sriracha sauce is a combination of fermented chilies, sweet soy, garlic, sugar, fish sauce, and plenty of salt. You can buy Thai Sriracha all over Thailand, in supermarkets and in grocery stores.


The Low Cost of Living in Sriracha

The cost of living in Sriracha is incredibly low. As a young person, living in a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in the city should only cost as low as 20,000 baht  ($600) a month, or about the average cost for one bedroom apartments in most large cities. A loaf of bread or a baguette from the local boulangerie will only cost you a euro, and a bottle of wine is very affordable in France. The only difficulty may be finding a place to eat all of this on a budget. In addition to that, there are plenty of cheap supermarkets with regular deliveries that will save your wallet from even further despair. Best of all, you don’t have to spend very much to travel to other parts of France.


The High Quality of Life in Sriracha

The majority of the people who live in Sriracha are non-English speakers. The English classes that the people take are often very intensive, leaving them with little time to get ahead in their education and careers. This high quality of life means that the residents in Sriracha don’t have to worry too much about their finances or daily lives. The entire city is nearly entirely filled with foreigners, which means that there are plenty of services available to help the foreign population here. The Property Market Sriracha property prices are very reasonable when compared to other areas of Thailand. Most homes in Sriracha cost between a hundred thousand and five hundred thousand baht, which is still much cheaper than other areas of Thailand.



The influence that Sriracha has on food culture is undeniable. There are many places in the world that try to emulate the famous hot sauce, but there is only one that can truly claim to be the original. While you may think that it’s enough to have Sriracha as the only thing that you think about when you think of Thailand, you’d be surprised by how much more the country has to offer.